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7 Ways to Use World Atlas Pro on your device

7 Ways to Use World Atlas Pro on your device

The World Atlas Pro app is a powerful tool that can serve a broad variety of purposes. Its much more than just a "map app" its an educational tool that can help you understand global issues, map out a vacation, learn about geography and explore other cultures right from your device. Below, youll find seven ways to use your Atlas.

1. Information on Road Trips

Using an atlas on a road trip is something of a given, even in this day and age of GPS navigation and instant online mapping capabilities. However, youll find that World Atlas Pro offers educational opportunities on any road trip, by highlighting areas of interest in major cities through which you travel.

2. Understanding Global Issues

World Atlas Pro is much more than a simple atlas its also a tool that offers insight and understanding in terms of global issues and views. Tap the World section located at the bottom bar. Here a political map of the world would open. On the right hand side you will find three bars, just click on them and a number of topics will pop up. Tap on the Global Issues section and here you would find interesting articles on various issues ranging from health, vacation, global warming to social issues. These articles are a must read as they would enrich your knowledge to a great extent.

3. Exploring Natural Resources

Do you know which nation is richest in oil? What about tin? Do you know where most of the worlds crude steel comes from? Youll be able to learn all of this and more within the Rocks, Minerals & Metals category on World Atlas Pro.

4. Geography

Did you struggle with geography as a student? Perhaps your own child is learning geography in school. World Atlas Pro offers a firm understanding of geographic features and allows users to infer how those features have affected everything from transportation infrastructure to global resource allocation.

5. Homeschooling Aid

Are you having a hard time finding educational resources for your homeschooler? Dont fret. World Atlas Pro can offer a tremendous amount of information, from road networks to country names, continent locations, and even nation-specific information like population levels.

6. Going on an International Vacation

If youre intent on getting out of your comfort zone, or making that dream vacation a reality this year, then World Atlas Pro can help you plan your international vacation.

7. Interesting Utilities

This application adds further zing to the already interesting atlas. The utilities section offers a range of information, from an airport finder to country comparison, international currency conversion, time zone information and even weather forecasts. Its the ultimate travel aid for anyone, whether youre going abroad or just heading into town.

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