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100% offline collection of reusable maps. You can edit, print and share these maps too.
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Connect with Facebook & Twitter While Sharing Maps with Your Friends

Connect with Facebook & Twitter While Sharing Maps with Your Friends

World Atlas Pro is a great application that enhances your knowledge and gives you pristine information about the various continents and countries. To make your experience more enjoyable and of course informative, the World Atlas Pro application has been upgraded and now comes in a more sleek and sophisticated design. New features have been added that contain descriptive maps and content that would enrich your knowledge about the current happenings in the world and provide information on the geographical, political and economic features of various countries.

In the new design a special feature has been included wherein the user can share maps and information with family and friends. Sharing information is very convenient and a lot of fun and above all you need not be tech savvy to operate this sharing window. Every map section has a sharing column. Tap on the button on the top right hand corner and the map sharing column would come alive. Here you would find numerous buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. Just tap on the particular medium through which you would like to share the map and in a matter of seconds the information would reach your friends.

Similarly two exciting games are included in the application quiz and puzzle. They make learning an exciting experience. Share your scores with your friends and let them know how much information you have about the world.

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Features PRO HD Lite
Yes Yes Yes
Map collectionReusableWith WatermarkLimited
Country InformationYesYesYes
Utility toolsYesYesNo
Print mapsYesWith WatermarkNo
Share mapsYesWith WatermarkWith Watermark
Email mapsYesWith WatermarkNo
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