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World Atlas Pro  A Cut Above The Rest

World Atlas Pro A Cut Above The Rest

Every time you need a map, you turn to Google or Apple Maps, right? Wrong! What do you do when you need to print a country map or need a map for your presentation, or to show your sales chart on a map, or create a project report that marks different regions in a country, continent or the world. There are so many things that you cant do using a Google or Apple Map.

We provide exhaustive information

World Atlas is a good place to begin with. It provides you above 250 country maps including regional or state maps for each country. You can also find various thematic maps for the world and continents. A rich database of info graphics on various global issues and a host of interactive services, like comparing different statistics from countries, top 10 countries for over 50 themes and much more.

What about the freebie websites?

Why not use many of the free to use maps on different websites you may ask? Are there any free lunches? Most of these websites have poor quality and outdated maps. Generally they are structured to attract more search engine traffic and to show more ads due to which mapping takes a back seat.

Who are we?

World Atlas is a product from people who understand map making and app making. The team behind World Atlas has created some of the most popular published Atlases for renowned publishers world-wide.

And last but not the least, there is a consistent effort to keep the Atlas information updated as updates are released every two weeks with more additions of Maps, Info graphics, Information on World Issues and briefs such as On This Day, This Week, Currency Converter and other important information. The team responds to customer feedback by adding maps required by large sections of customers.

Why would go to Google maps, oh yes just for Navigation!

Pick your Atlas
Features PRO HD Lite
Yes Yes Yes
Map collectionReusableWith WatermarkLimited
Country InformationYesYesYes
Utility toolsYesYesNo
Print mapsYesWith WatermarkNo
Share mapsYesWith WatermarkWith Watermark
Email mapsYesWith WatermarkNo
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