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World Atlas Pro: The New Encyclopedia with a Difference

World Atlas Pro: The New Encyclopedia with a Difference

The Internet is full of sites devoted to maps and mapping technology. There are many sites offering maps from the mundane to the extra ordinary. Still, at times, you would find that many of your queries would remain unanswered. If you want to know the particular location of a country and also want relevant information then you would probably have to search multiple sites. This can be tedious and time-consuming.

But do not fret; World Atlas Pro takes care of all your informative needs. World Atlas Pro is a one-stop solution to all your problems. It is like a window opening out to the world.


As you click on the application the image of the globe will be displayed. Tap on a particular continent and you will come across the various countries comprising that particular continent. Looking for information on the United States, then tap on the continent of North America and you will find the countries located in this continent. Tap on the map of the United States and the political map of the country will open up giving you a preview of all the states located in the country, which would further list the prominent cities present in the state.

On the right hand side you will see a bar. Click on it and you will find a wealth of information such as the capital of the United States, languages spoken in the country, ethnic groups, religious groups, government, Independence Day and other information. You can get information about other countries and continents in the same way.


Located right next to continent is the world section. Tap on this section and the big world map opens up. The user can zoom out this map to find out the exact location of a particular country. Click on the bar located on the right hand side of the page and a column displaying highly informative and engaging contents and maps will open up. This comprises five sub-divisions general maps; thematic maps; rocks, minerals and metals; global issues; and around the world.

General maps: This window comprises further sections such as physical map with continent boundaries, political map, blank map, outline map, world natural vegetation map, world climate, world cities and other exciting maps.

The world thematic maps section gives information on busiest airports in the world, countries with highest GDP, highest internet users, countries largest in area, least populated countries to name a few.

Rock, minerals and metals maps: Here the maps give information about which are the major producers of a particular rock, mineral or metal.

Global issues: If you want to know which global issues are taking the world by storm then this window will be highly suitable for you. Here you will get attractive infographics and content on some of the major issues that are affecting our world. These can be political in nature, relating to health and environment or the society.

Around the World: Get to know what is going on around the world by just tapping on this section. The window gives you in-depth information on the major events and incidents taking place in the world.


This has informative sections such as currency converter, airport finder and weather. Windows such as On This Day and This Week will provide you valuable insight into what special events took place on that particular day or week.


The World Atlas is not only an informative site but can also be very entertaining. It has two sections the puzzle game and the quiz game. In the puzzle there is an outline map of a country. The blocks signify the states. Place the state in the right block and earn rewards. The Quiz section displays the flags of various countries. Place the flag on the map of the correct country and you win points. Here learning and fun go hand in hand.

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