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World Atlas Pro for Your Child An Educational Piece This Christmas

Gift Your Child An Educational Piece This Christmas: World Atlas PRO

Festivities have begun and you must be wondering what to gift to your child. Toys are the most preferred medium but they can get easily broken or are consigned to the dustbin once the child gets bored of them. Why not be a little different this time? This festival gift your child something that he will cherish for a really long time, one that will let him learn new things in a very entertaining and fun-filled way.

World Atlas Pro!

This is the perfect gift for all seasons. It is a treasure trove of knowledge. Available at an affordable price of $10, the application can be easily downloaded on your iPad or Tablet. You need not be a tech geek to operate the application. It has been designed in such a way that even a five year old can operate it with ease. Now no need to go to Google and search for world maps or rush to the market to buy a paper map, just download World Atlas pro on your childs device and get going.

All your child needs to do is tap the application button once it is installed and he will get access to valuable information that would enrich his knowledge and make him a cut above the rest at school or college. Every section has amazing windows containing information on every aspect of a particular country, be it geographical features, economic indicators, general features or any other important information. The side bar on the right hand corner contains a wealth of information on a variety of topics which if explored diligently would definitely help your child get high grades at school. Your child can explore countries and continents, get to know important happenings taking place around the world, or even take part in informative games, all at the tap of a button.

So, on this festival take time out and download the World Atlas Pro. It will put a smile on your childs face, enrich his knowledge and help him in increasing his grades at school.

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Features PRO HD Lite
Yes Yes Yes
Map collectionReusableWith WatermarkLimited
Country InformationYesYesYes
Utility toolsYesYesNo
Print mapsYesWith WatermarkNo
Share mapsYesWith WatermarkWith Watermark
Email mapsYesWith WatermarkNo
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